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Are your state taxes too high? Don't sit there and take it. Volunteer to help get Chuck Eby elected so he can repeal the huge unnecessary tax increase. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Eby for Delegate

Repeal the Tax Increase!

Dear neighbor,

Last year our General Assembly passed a huge tax increase on Virginia taxpayers. We were told that increased revenue was absolutely necessary to keep the Commonwealth afloat. Now our state government is awash in a surplus that exceeds one billion dollars!

Your delegate, Gary Reese, voted for the bill that unnecessarily raised your taxes to their highest level ever.

Now our state legislators are looking for ways to spend this windfall rather than return it to its rightful owners - you and other taxpayers of our Commonwealth. I am the only candidate who promises to do what I can to return this money to you by working to repeal the increase.

We Northern Virginians work hard to earn money to support ourselves and our families. When our representatives reach deeper into our pockets than is absolutely necessary, they are creating undue hardships for working people like you and me.

As a Libertarian, I believe that our government should not provide services that can be better provided by a free market. By reducing and eliminating unnecessary programs, the size of government can be reduced, resulting in both lower taxes and a higher quality of life for everyone.

I've got several free market ideas to reduce our taxes, get traffic moving, improve our children's education, and generally make our lives better. If this interests you, please read my "Issues" page for more information.

I look forward to serving as your delegate in Richmond.

  Charles J. Eby Jr.



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